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In the Tutorial category of my website you will find various articles on many facets of astrology. These articles are especially for those who have mastered the basics of astrology and who are looking for techniques and information with which to enhance their chart readings.

Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable

A good way to understand the difference between cardinal, fixed, and mutable energies is to think of them as equating with three different aspect of fictional literature: cardinal in this context would be the plot of a narrative, that is the action – what happens. Fixed would be the ideas and concepts that the work is expressing, in other words, the theme(s), whereas mutable signifies the characters. Some works of fiction function more on plot and action – such as James — Read more »

The Sun in the Houses

The sun is, in kabbalistic terms, the planet capable of generating the greatest amount of negativity. You may be surprised at this statement, but the Sun, negatively speaking, signifies one’s ego, which, according to the kabbalist is the source of all darkness in the world. The word kabbalah means “to receive,” and it is the ego which wishes to receive for the self alone – hence generating all the strive, negativity, and discord that has ever been or ever will — Read more »

Phase Work: An Astrological Frontier

“Astrology a Language of Life Volume II – Sabian Aspect Orbs” is a highly unique text on astrology by Robert P. Blaschke. The essential idea of the book is that every planet in a chart is in aspect to every other, and to read the nature of the unique aspect between any two planets, all you have to do is measure the angular distance between them and then refer the number of degrees to the Sabian Symbols. In measuring distances between — Read more »

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto has moved into Capricorn recently (on November 28th, 2008), and so this is the focus of transformations now happening on planet earth. It is good to note that when it went into Capricorn, Saturn was in the 21st degree of Virgo. I am noting this because whenever a planet goes into a new sign, we can look at where all of the other planets are to get a picture of what its transit through that sign is going to be — Read more »

A Kabbalistic Vision of Aquarius

According to Rav Berg, in his book “Kabbalistic Astrology,” Aquarius is the most stubborn of all the signs. Interesting. In the past I would have said Taurus, but I understand to a great extent where he is coming from, and as time goes on am inclined to agree with him.
He says that even though both Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn, the two signs are very different. Capricorn is the part of Saturn that looks inward back into — Read more »

The Asteroid Juno

I was first introduced to Ellias Lonsdales work on asteroids through his book “Inside Planets,” published in 1995 by North Atlantic Books. His interpretation of asteroids is different from most other astrologers — not that it disagrees with what they have to say, but that it adds to, espands and enhances their work.

In Ellias Lonsdale’s system, the asteroid Juno becomes a co-ruler of Aquarius. The negative energy of Juno represses all aspects of the mind except the rational, so that — Read more »

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